About Us

Welcome to Albion Street Kitchen, a revolutionary new street food concept nestled in the heart of Kenilworth! Our culinary journey brings together the vibrant energy of street food with the expertise of Naga, Kumar with over 25 year’s experience, resulting in a gastronomic experience like no other. At Albion Street Kitchen, we believe that great food and service is a combination of passion, skill, and the finest ingredients, our team, with remarkable excellence, has honed their craft in the kitchens around the world, mastering diverse range of culinary traditions and techniques. This wealth of experience is reflected in every dish that graces our menu. What sets Albion Street Kitchen apart is our dedication to innovation. We’ve taken the street food scene to the next level by infusing it with gourmet flair. Elevating the food to a level of sophistication that surprises and delights the palate on both take away and dine in. The heart of our kitchen is place where creativity knows no bounds, whether you’re craving the Albion breakfast, Pan Asian, American burgers, Wings, Albion Street Kitchen promises an unforgettable culinary journey. What’s more, our commitment to sustainability in unwavering. We carefully source our ingredients from local producers Step into Albion Street Kitchen and be prepared to be enchanted by a symphony of tastes, aromas, and textures. Our fusion of street food culture and the expertise is a seasoned Naga, Kumar guarantees an experience that appeals to both the adventurous foodies and the refined palate. Join us at Kenilworth’s latest culinary heaven, where passion meets experience and every bite tells a story.

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